Serena is an artist from Puglia, Italy.

Even as a child develops a curiosity and a critical vision that will lead to see the world through different eyes. She began her career by exploring the visual arts and she obtained a Diploma in Artistic Design. She continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, Italy attending the scenography courses. In this years it looks for the first time in the world of circus arts and street theater. A strong impulse pushes her toward the scenic arts. She abandoned her academic studies and takes the decision to move more than a thousand miles away.

Turin will be the city in which matures her comedic and acting ability. The body and the non-verbal language are the tools that characterize her style.

From 2014 works with Paolo Gargiulo (The Squasciò Company) bringing in Europe’s squares the Physical Comedy, Street Theatre and Clown show "Just Married" directed by Beppe Vetti.

In 2015 she was hired as an actress by Eugenio Allegri for the Commedia dell'Arte show "Magna Italia", represented at EXPO 2015 in Milan.

In the same year she joined the team / show Touchclown, directed by Beppe Vetti.

In 2016 creates "Holy Boobs - A Clown Drama"a show that combines the experience acquired over the years of path personal and artistic. Directed by her partner Paolo Gargiulo.

Paolo was born in Peschiera del Garda near Verona, living for three years in Florence then moves to Taranto, where he lived until the age of 23 years. 

Since childhood shows a particular musical taste that will take him over the years, to develop a good ear and a continuous sound research.

He graduated from High School Musical "Archita" in classical guitar and at age 23, approaching by chance in the world of Street Theatre and he falls madly in love. 

Shortly after he began studying juggling self-taught and created his first street-show with his friend Flavio Tratto. 

Decides to resume his studies, this time dedicating himself to the theater, so he moved to Turin.

He graduated in 2014, at the Performing Arts University. 

In 2011 with Enrico Mazza and Matthias Martelli, brings the streets of Italy the show of acrobatic comedy "GERIATRIO - The Circus of Old Age."

In 2014 with his current girlfriend and partner creates the show "Just Married" directed by Giuseppe Vetti.

In 2015 he was assistant director of Eugenio Allegri in the creation of Commedia dell'Arte show "MAGNA ITALIA" rapresented at EXPO 2015 In Milan.

In the same year he joined the team / show TOUCHCLOWN directed by Beppe Vetti.

In 2016 he makes his first real experience as a director, in the creation of show "Holy Boobs - A Clown Drama" with Serena Vergari.